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Optical Express Ambassadors: Pamela Wray Slack – Recruitment Team Leader

For me, the process for joining Optical Express was speedy and streamlined. The initial discussions were worked over 2 stages

My Wonderful Optical Express Journey So far by Michaela Gallagher

After 6 years of high street optometry, I was starting to get a little bored. My days merged into one auto-pilot script of "Better one, or two?" I felt like I needed a new challenge.

My Wonderful Optical Express Journey So Far by Charlotte Supria

I started in 2012 as a second year Optometry student, completing summer placement in the Liverpool store

My Wonderful Optical Express Journey So Far by Colin Rutherford

I’ve always had a focus on bettering my clinical skills. As an Optometrist, being able to help patients with all kinds of issues is incredibly important to me.

My Wonderful Optical Express Journey So Far by Amardeep Bans

In 2007, I started my Optical Express journey and in the years since then I’ve never looked back.

My Wonderful Optical Express Journey So Far by Noelle Hamilton

Nine years ago, I made the move from Northern Ireland to join Optical Express in Edinburgh as an Optometrist. That kick-started my long career with the company.

What our patients say…

At Optical Express, our clinic staff, Optometrists, Nurses and Ophthalmic Surgeons gives our patients the best possible experience from consultation to aftercare...

How Optical Express Provides the Best Visual Outcomes by Mesha Tanna

‘Continuous improvement’ is a phrase we’ve all heard, but how many businesses do you know which actually deliver it?

We love to welcome new #oneteam members

Our Optometrists are so important to us. We are delighted to offer them the opportunity to grow and develop their skills...

Meet our new #oneteam member – Martin Butler

At Optical Express, our Optometrists are so important to us. We appreciate that they are the one’s treating our patients everyday...

Training and Development at Optical Express

We believe that it is our responsibility to help our employees reach their full potential which is why we remain dedicated to our learning and development programmes...

My Wonderful Optical Express Journey So Far by Bhavik Parmar

February 2017 saw me take the first step on my Optical Express journey. I was looking for my next challenge and what can be more exciting than joining a company with unlimited possibilities?

Interview Preparation

Having reached this stage of the selection process, you need to ensure that you do yourself justice - and preparation for your interview is the key to achieving success...