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Are you considering a career in optometry or looking for new opportunities in the field? Optical Express is home to some of the best minds in the industry and we’re excited to share insights from Jack, one of our talented optometrists from our Bristol clinic.

Jack immediately touches upon the diversity of clinical experience that Optical Express can offer you as an optometrist. Daily, you will see patients with concerns and pathologies beyond the routine and what you would find working in a typical high street practice; providing the opportunity to broaden your skillset and knowledge, staying at the forefront of your field and offering local community eye care.

“Me personally, I’ve become a more well-rounded optometrist by taking on this position at Optical Express. I’ve seen lots of things I wouldn’t routinely see. I feel much more comfortable seeing patients with different types of pathology.”

As part of his role, Jack works closely with some of the country’s leading ophthalmologists to explore refractive treatment options for his patient’s best possible outcome.

The opportunities for growth and specialisation have been a large part of his journey with us. Whether it’s pursuing your Independent Prescribing qualification, becoming a surgery support optometrist, or adding YAG laser training to your repertoire, the resources and support are there to help you achieve your goals. As Jack eloquently explains, there is plenty of opportunity to add “another string to the bow”.

Support and guidance are an integral part of what sets Optical Express apart. In your first 2-3 months, you will be shadowing a mentor who will also act as a resource as you begin to assess patients independently. Jack also highlights our Clinical Services hotline – a resource that provides an additional and consistent foundation of support for our clinical teams across the country.

If you are someone who enjoys a challenge and wants diversity in your day-to-day routine as an optometrist, then come and join Optical Express. Email our careers team today: careers@opticalexpress.com.

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