A Career At Optical Express | Liam | Cardiff

Manager Liam overseas cohesive and patient-centred teams across our Cardiff surgery centre and Swansea consultation clinic. In this role, he must prioritise his patients and team equally – ensuring that those under his care have the support they need to thrive.

Liam has undergone laser eye surgery himself, a benefit received during his tenure with Optical Express that has allowed him to experience the magic of waking up with 20/20 vision. He says that the massive impact this had on his quality of life and his patients is what fuels his professional aspirations in the eye care industry.

The fast-paced, stimulating environment offers endless opportunities to expand your knowledge and experience – even after many years of service Liam is still discovering things he did not know the week prior. In his own words, “It’s never stagnant here, which creates that kind of dynamic, kind of a kinetic environment.”

He highlights the important role that each member of the team plays; like the perfect recipe, the components work together to create something exceptional. With state of the art facilities that energise his team and provide the capacity to deliver patient care that is second to none – it is an unparalleled journey for both patients and team members of Optical Express alike.

As the UK’s leading eye care provider, a career with Optical Express guarantees continuous opportunities for learning and development. Start your journey today by emailing careers@opticalexpress.com

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