Here’s what to expect when you join Optical Express

Beginning a new job doesn’t have to make you nervous, especially if you’re moving to the leading refractive surgery provider in the UK and Ireland. We spoke to Optometrist Sophie about her first few weeks at Optical Express.

10 weeks into her Optometrist role at the Optical Express clinics in Shandwick Place and Cameron Toll in Edinburgh, it’s clear to see how much Sophie is enjoying her working life.

She explains, “I started my optometry career in a multiple optical business after my pre reg. I was a mobile optometrist for 18 months, before moving to another high street optical company for more than 3 years. As time went on, though, I felt that my working life had become a bit routine. I wanted to learn new skills.”

Sophie considered her next move, and through the research she conducted it was clear that Optical Express stood out, thanks to its position as the leading provider in the refractive market in the UK and Ireland. “I had an open mind at my interviews, but as I moved further through the process I could see that the company would offer me the opportunities that I’d been looking for.”

Having now been with the business for 8 weeks, Sophie calls the company’s induction process ‘excellent’. “I’ve learned all about the systems I’ll use and the processes that I’ll follow. I have an amazing mentor, and everyone I’ve come into contact with has been completely supportive.”

Life as an Optometrist in two very different clinics keeps things interesting for Sophie. She says, “Shandwick Place is close to residential areas, and it has many patients who have been visiting Optical Express for years. Cameron Toll, on the other hand, is a shopping centre, so it has a faster pace. I enjoy the contrast between the two.”

Having passed the Independent Prescribing course prior to joining the business, Sophie is finding that she’s able to utilise the knowledge she gained more and more frequently. She’s now set her sights on learning about refractive optometry and hopes to start learning about it soon. She remarks, “Allowing patients to make informed choices about all possible vision correction solutions is an important part of life at Optical Express. It’s leading the way in refractive surgery and is the perfect place to learn about it. I’ll be able to help my patients understand what their options are, whether that’s refractive surgery, glasses or contact lenses.”

In the meantime, Sophie is studying for her Master’s degree in Primary Care Ophthalmology at Edinburgh University and is currently in her second year.

When asked what direction her optometry career might take in the coming years, Sophie replies, “Optical Express is so large and has so much to offer its Optometrists. I enjoy the clinical side, so hopefully I will be able to do more of that in the future.”

What would Sophie say to fellow Optometrists who are looking to enhance their skills? “Have a conversation with Optical Express. A friend who already worked as an Optometrist here recommended that I get in touch to find out about available roles, as I’d been putting it off for a while. I wasn’t sure that it would be the right move for me, but as my friend worked in a similar way to me and was having a good experience, I thought that I should give it a shot. I’d say, get in touch and see what it could do for your career. I’m delighted that I joined Optical Express.”

We’re always keen to speak to motivated individuals for the wide range of roles we offer at Optical Express. Search our current vacancies at Optical Express, or get in touch with our friendly recruitment team by emailing or call 01236 795146.

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