Susanna Boytha, Consultant Ophthalmologist – My Career at Optical Express

“Working for Optical Express is life-changing at so many levels”,

Having worked with Optical Express for over 12 years, highly experienced Ophthalmologist Susanna Boytha, has first-hand experience of the amazing work we do, transforming patients’ lives on a daily basis.  With the state of the art, innovative technology that we use at Optical Express, Susanna feels that we have a unique opportunity to really make a difference to our patients’ lives by providing the best possible outcomes from refracrive surgical procedures.

Spending as much time in clinic as possible, Susanna finds the most rewarding part of her role is the time she spends interacting with her patients, getting to know them and being able to follow them on their journey to visual freedom. This is a level of job satisfaction that is not available in many other industries.

Susanna has experience working across a range of environments throughout the UK, in both private eye care providers as well as NHS hospitals. The main difference that stands out for her about working with Optical Express is the positivity within the company, commenting, “The whole atmosphere at the company is very uplifting, I think it probably comes from the top but everybody is just so kind”.  At Optical Express we pride ourselves on our ‘one team’ mentality, ensuring that all of our colleague’s work collectively towards achieving clinical excellence for our patients. For Susanna, working within an organisation where everyone has the same aim and pulls together to achieve the best possible results is the reason why she describes working for Optical Express as ‘outstanding’

At Optical Express we are committed to providing our patients exceptional standards of patient care and that is why we have invested over £500 million in our state of the art clinics and technology. For Susanna, working within this environment and always aiming to further improve clinical practices is an “amazing mind-set to work with”. If you are considering a career with Optical Express, Susanna urges you to spend some time with our teams, getting to know the clinics, listening to our patient feedback and seeing the amazing work that we do, and assures you that after you do, won’t look back. If you are interested in finding out more contact our Recruitment Team at

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