Surgery Team Member Irene’s Laser Eye Surgery Experience

 “I love my job, I like the positive feelings that it inspires.

We caught up with our colleague Irene, who has been a surgery team member at our Birmingham clinic for over 8 years, helping to provide patients with world-class standards of patient care. When we asked Irene what the favourite part of her role was she didn’t hesitate to say, seeing how happy patients are with the life-changing results they achieve after surgery is what truly makes her job feel worthwhile, “I love my job, I like the positive feelings it inspires.”

After developing issues with her own eyesight, Irene decided to take advantage of the incredible Optical Express employee benefit of free lens replacement surgery, performed by her own team at our state of the art Birmingham clinic.  Knowing the surgical process as well as she does, she was extremely proud of her team who performed her surgery and mentioned that, even with the familiarity, they remained professional at all times, treating her as they would with any other patient. Unable to fault how well she was looked after by the clinic team, she is now completely overjoyed with the outstanding results of her lens replacement surgery.

Not only has the treatment made a massive transformation to Irene’s personal life, it has also had a positive effect on her professional one too. Having experienced the surgery first hand, she is now even more confident in helping and reassuring patients during their own experience. Although our surgeons, alongside our surgery teams, treat more patients in the UK each week than all other national providers combined, they never forget that for our patients it’s their first time. Irene remarks, “We’re never blasé here, never. We might be here every day but this is always the patients first time.”

It is clear how much Irene loves her job and how seeing the life-changing results her patients experience every day gives her a true sense of job satisfaction, “To see the difference, to know what we’re doing, to know that we are changing people’s lives, it’s really satisfying.” Now she is ready to live her own life, much like her patients, with visual freedom!

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