Surgery Associate Tahira | Employee Benefits | Free Laser Eye Surgery at Optical Express

Tahira, an Optical Express Surgery Associate based in our state of the art Birmingham clinic, recently took advantage of the free laser eye surgery employee benefit on offer to all Optical Express employees and allowed us to document the exciting pre and post-treatment process.

After living with the frustrations and hassles of wearing daily wear contact lenses, and often having to rely more and more on her glasses to avoid the stress, Tahira was excited about the prospect of a life of visual freedom thanks to laser eye surgery. She was most looking forward to being able to enjoy her favourite hobby of swimming and the notion of going on holiday without the constant worry of her glasses and contact lenses.

With the knowledge that many of her colleagues had already undergone treatment through the employee benefit programme at Optical Express, Tahira was fully confident in her decision to go for laser eye surgery, commenting “I know members of staff that have had it done and they were really positive about it”. She couldn’t have been happier with the support provided by her team, telling us how excited they were for her, that they wanted to be there on the day of her surgery and that they provided her with plenty of great advice for post-surgery recovery, “They’ve all definitely been supportive around my procedure”.

Not only was Tahira looking forward to the changes in her personal life, she also discussed the positive difference it will make for her career at Optical Express. By undergoing treatment herself, Tahira now feels more confident when discussing laser eye surgery with patients, commenting, “I can tell patients my first-hand experience, it’s really reassuring when you’ve heard someone that’s actually gone through it”.

As well as having many personal benefits for Tahira, she was also aware of the positive implications laser eye surgery had on our environment saying, “I think it’s great that more people are considering laser at the moment because it’s reducing the number of contact lenses going into the environment that can’t be disposed of correctly, and that has a huge impact on the environment.”

Since her laser eye surgery, Tahira now enjoys her commute to work, seeing sites that she previously couldn’t such as shop signs and store fronts. With nothing but high praise for the treatment, Tahira is already promoting the procedure to her family and friends who wear glasses by saying “If I can do it, you could definitely do it”!

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