Sajjad Mughal, Ophthalmologist – My Career at Optical Express

After an extensive career, carrying out refractive surgery since 2008, Dr Sajjad Mughal recently joined Optical Express as one of our highly experienced refractive surgeons working across various clinic locations.

Working as part of the Optical Express team means having the opportunity to work with a company that is fully focused on providing patients with exceptional standards of patient care. For Dr Mughal, this was an important aspect when making the career move to become part of the Optical Express team, commenting “I am very happy to have joined the company, especially knowing that I’m working in a very supportive environment.”

All Optical Express patients follow a detailed patient journey and are looked after at every stage by our experienced clinical team, from the moment they arrive for their first consultation, through to their treatment day and aftercare appointment. This ensures that patients are fully informed of the surgery process and have completed detailed diagnostic scans ahead of their treatment to allow their surgeon to get the best and most personalised treatment plan in place for them. For our surgeons, this information enables them to make informed decisions on each individual treatment plan, whilst ensuring that patient safety remains at the heart of everything that we do. For Dr Mughal he describes this patient journey as an “immense help” in ensuring he can achieve the best possible clinical outcomes for his patients.

Working at Optical Express means you are part of a highly-skilled multidisciplinary team made up of some of the most experienced optometrists and ophthalmologists in the country. For Dr Mughal, he feels that, “We are very fortunate at Optical Express to have various departments such as the Clinical Services Team that can give and provide us with very effective knowledge and advice which is crucial to maximising the safety and the outcomes of patients.” It is because of this care and support provided to our colleagues that Dr Mughal would recommend working with Optical Express to anyone in the industry. If you are interested in expanding your career and allowing Optical Express to help you reach your full potential contact our Recruitment Team today on

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