The Pentacam – what is it?

The Pentacam – what is it?
For a number of years, the OCULUS Pentacam has become an indispensable tool in providing precise, dependable diagnostics. In fact, it’s often held up as the ‘Gold Standard’ in anterior eye segment technology. Within a matter of a few seconds, the Pentacam supplies precise data relating to the entire anterior segment.

What does the Pentacam assess?

  • The cornea – a Pentacam scan provides qualitative data used to assess the cornea. This includes topography and elevation maps of the anterior and posterior corneal surface, in addition to central and peripheral pachymetry. The capture of pachymetry allows for pachymetry-based IOP correction.
  • The anterior chamber – the Pentacam determines its depth, volume and angle.
  • he crystalline lens – the Pentacam provides a detailed analysis of the lens density, allowing visualisation of lens opacities.

The Pentacam can aid diagnosis of which conditions?

There are a number of conditions for which the Pentacam supports diagnosis, including:

  • Corneal conditions such as keratoconus and ectasia
  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma

In addition to the detection of the above conditions and the ongoing management of patients who undergo corneal cross linking, the Pentacam is a useful diagnostic aid in the undertaking of complex contact lens fittings.

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