Patient Co-management

Patient Co-management

Benefits for you, and benefits for your patients

As we know, vision impairment caused by cataracts can have a huge impact on a patient’s life. Losing independence can lead to a decline in confidence levels and have a devastating effect on their general wellbeing and mental health. This may lead to anxiety, social withdrawal and depression.

Not only that, but treatment for patients who have suffered trips and falls caused by poor or diminishing eyesight costs the NHS significant amounts that it can ill-afford every year. This is evidenced by many different organisations.

When you’ve diagnosed a patient with cataracts, you may consider the option of treatment at an Optical Express clinic. Refer your patient, and they’ll be able to avoid excessive NHS waiting times. You’ll ensure that your patient’s procedure is conducted by highly experienced ophthalmologists who have access to advanced, state of the art diagnostic and treatment technologies to include Intraocular Lens designs.

Treatments available at Optical Express include:

  • Cataract surgery with multifocal or monofocal IOLs
  • Refractive Lens Exchange with multifocal or monofocal IOLs
  • Phakic IOL (ICL) surgery
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Dry eye treatments
  • Keratoconus treatments, such as Corneal Cross Linking

Whatever treatment is required, Optical Express provides an outstanding level of care which is based on a personalised treatment plan. As a follow-on to the appropriate aftercare period managed by Optical Express, the patient will return to you for their primary eye care needs.

As the UK’s only complete eye care provider, we believe in offering our clinicians and patients access to the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies. In order to achieve that, over £500 million has been invested in our clinics.

Optical Express is the only nationwide provider of refractive surgery to use both Carl Zeiss diagnostic technology and Johnson & Johnson Vision surgical technology across its network. Investment in this technology helps to ensure we provide optimum visual results for our patients.

However, getting the best out of world-leading technology is only possible in the hands of the world’s leading surgeons. Surgeons at Optical Express collectively undertake more LVC or premium Refractive Lens Exchange procedures in the UK today than the total number of procedures performed by UK Surgeons elsewhere. The safety and efficacy of procedures undertaken at Optical Express are exceptional. For more information, you can read this article comparing the outcomes of Cataract Patients treated in the NHS versus at Optical Express.

When you provide your patients with informed choices, they can take back some control and, with your guidance, decide on the option that is best suited to them.

Working in partnership with you, we are committed to delivering the highest levels of care and achieving the finest visual outcomes for your patients. They will receive first class service at the hands of our surgeons and senior optometrists, and experience the exceptional standards of aftercare for which Optical Express is renowned before returning to you for their future eye care needs.

“As a leading eye care provider, Optical Express is dedicated to providing high quality visual outcomes for patients, both in laser eye and premium lens surgery. We value our relationship with the Optical Express team and look forward to our continued partnership.”
Tom Frinzi, Worldwide President, Surgical, Johnson & Johnson Vision

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