Optical Express launches ground-breaking work shadow programme to give Optometrists an insight into refractive surgery

Optical Express, Europe’s leading private provider of laser eye surgery, premium intraocular lens surgery and cataract surgery, have launched a programme offering all qualified GOC registered optometrists the opportunity to shadow an experienced optometrist involved in the refractive surgery pathway at Optical Express.

This unique initiative will take place at Optical Express’ state of the art surgery centres across the UK.  Each shadowing experience will run over a half or full day and the programme is expected to be trialled for three months, with a view to implementing it on a more permanent basis.

Stephen Hannan, Clinical Services Director at Optical Express, said: “Our aim is to give optometrists who are not currently part of the Optical Express team a full and informed insight into the clinical experience and role available to optometrists and other health professionals at Optical Express. It is an opportunity to firstly see our own optometrists undertaking pre and post-operative consultations and secondly to work alongside our world-class ophthalmic surgeons and the full multi-disciplinary teams in theatre, who have access to the most advanced surgical technology.  Participants will have the chance to witness how, day in day out we transform the lives of our patients through surgical vision correction, to include those that attend for premium cataract surgery.  We look forward to providing participating optometrists with a truly eye-opening experience.”

The paid shadowing programme offers optometrists a unique insight into working at one of the leading providers of ophthalmology services including laser eye surgery, cataract surgery and lens replacement surgery in the UK.  It will also give optometrists the opportunity to meet with a fellow professional to observe their working day, and speak to them about the benefits and challenges a career at Optical Express can offer. As such, it is envisaged that some optometrists that participate in the programme will elect to further their career at Optical Express.  In addition, external optometrists who take part in the programme will earn continuing professional development (CPD) points.  

Participants in the programme will be paid £150 per full day for taking part. To sign up to take part in the programme click the link here and complete your details, Optical Express will then contact you to schedule your shadow experience.

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