My Wonderful Optical Express Journey So far by Michaela

After 6 years of high street optometry, I was starting to get a little bored. My days merged into one auto-pilot script of “Better one, or two?” I felt like I needed a new challenge.

In January I started with Optical Express. I’m absolutely loving it.

The refractive training, which I completed in Glasgow, was fantastic. It was so well structured and interesting. The level of expertise of the optometrists who trained me was incredibly impressive and inspiring, and it reignited my passion for my career.

“I’m learning and progressing every day, and I’m excited by the many opportunities available to me thanks to Optical Express”

My days are so varied now; every refractive consultation and post op assessment is different. You’re involved with every stage of the patient journey, and it’s so rewarding to be part of a process which is life changing for patients.

I’m impressed by the state of the art equipment that I’m using daily at Optical Express. Thanks to the diagnostic equipment and incredible support of the company’s surgeons and optometrists, I am much more involved with patient management than ever before.

The support network here is unlike anything I’ve had before in any of the other businesses I’ve worked for. As well as having optometrists and ophthalmic surgeons with me in clinic, there’s a designated team of experienced optometrists just a phone call away who also provide support and clinical guidance.

Being exposed to this level of expertise and being directly involved in the clinical decision making is something I’d never get to experience in ordinary high street optometry.

Optical Express invests so much into its clinics, equipment and employees. It’s no wonder I love this job – I’m learning and progressing every day, and I’m excited by the many opportunities available to me thanks to Optical Express.

If you are interested in joining Optical Express and gaining access to our industry leading training, then contact our Recruitment team who’ll be happy to let you know what opportunities we have across the UK and what other development opportunities we can offer you. You can contact us at or 01236 795146.

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