My Career Development | Amandeep | Optometrist

“Joining Optical Express is a whole new world”

Amandeep is one of our experienced Optometrists specialising in Refractive Surgery based in our Harley Street London clinic.

Describing her favourite part of her role being “the learning” as she works alongside the surgery team.

Our Harley Street clinic is one of our surgery centres for vision correction surgery, enabling our colleagues to get an insight into the full patient journey. Amandeep commented that “every day is different here”, as she enjoys how diverse her role is, allowing her to increase her knowledge and skill set.

Amandeep thrives on learning new skills and constantly strives to do better in her role as an Optometrist Specialising in Refractive Surgery. She commented that she loves working alongside surgeons as she gets to “learn new skills and the new technique’s that they’re using and how better to manage our patients”. Thanks to our wide range of clinical services on offer to patients, our colleagues are able to practice real clinical diversity through their interactions amongst the surgery team.

Taking advantage of the fully funded and supported Independent Prescribing (IP) course, Amandeep was delighted to be able to undertake, saying that “just having that has helped me immensely in my role”. At Optical Express we offer a range of benefits and training to our colleagues, to ensure and enable them to provide patient care to the highest standard.

As well as working alongside experienced surgeons, Amandeep mentioned the support she receives from the management team has been fantastic and “that’s why I don’t want to leave”. Ensuring she is ok personally and professionally each morning in their briefs and making sure she has the support she may need has “motivated” Amandeep to stay at Optical Express as she “just loves working here”.

Amandeep spoke of why you should work for Optical Express; “if you are somebody who wants a challenge or you’re bored of your day to day routine, then you will not be bored here. The opportunities we have and the things we see can vary so much”.

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