My Career Development – Aaron, Clinic Manager

Aaron, General Manager of the Optical Express Dartford clinic, has worked in the optical industry for over 22 years. Starting his career straight out of college, he worked as a Dispensing Optician at a number of independent practices and larger multiples before eventually joining and developing his career with Optical Express.

When graduating from college, Aaron considered three options: Pursue a career as a solicitor, work in accountancy, or accept a role in the optical industry. Needing an optical correction himself due to the fact that he was short-sighted, Aaron immediately felt that eye care was something he both understood and was eager to learn more about. This eventually led him to start his career as a Dispensing Optician.

“I was very short-sighted and I just felt that it was something I wanted to understand more of, the fact that I couldn’t see properly. So, that was the one I chose straight away and I’ve been doing it ever since, 22 years in the profession!”

Fascinated by the technological advances in the refractive surgery industry and wanting to be at the forefront of this, he eventually decided to join Optical Express, the market leader, two years ago.

Aaron has now taken on a new role as General Manager of our state of the art clinic in Dartford. Describing it as “truly something special”, he is extremely proud of what has been achieved and what the clinic can offer to patients. From the aesthetics and openness to its accessibility, he believes that the clinic is at the forefront of offering a first-class experience to patients.

Aaron received laser eye surgery with Optical Express himself seven years ago. Opting for LASIK Eye Surgery enhanced by iDesign, he described the experience as fascinating: “When you come out and you recognise the quality of vision you have, how much difference it can make to your life because, it sounds silly, but it is life-changing just being able to get up in the morning and not put my glasses on, it makes a phenomenal difference.”

The fact that Aaron had issues with his vision and has gone through the process of undergoing treatment himself is something that he finds extremely motivating in his role, as it allows him to understand what his patients are going through: “Being able to say to patients that I’ve had this done, it kind of allows them not to feel so nervous about it because I’ve been there, I’ve done it and now I am offering it to you because I know how much of a difference it can make.”

Besides being able to relate to his patients, Aaron also enjoys working in an environment that values constant innovation: “When I was treated with Optical Express for laser eye surgery, the differences were phenomenal. Even then the technology was amazing. So, we talk about what we can do now and it’s far superior to what I had, so just in my short time of obviously having it done to now being able to offer the treatment to other people, the technology has improved so much.”

“We are always at the forefront of that”, adds Aaron, “making sure that every time there’s a new technological change, something that improves what we can offer, that we’re there and making sure that’s part of what we offer to patients.”

Finally, while Aaron had already had laser eye surgery before starting his career with Optical Express, he sees the fact that all employees are eligible to receive free laser eye surgery is another major plus to working for the business. Among a range of employee benefits, free laser eye surgery is available to all Optical Express staff members, allowing them to experience and benefit from the advanced technologies and first-class patient care themselves.

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