Muhammed Ali Memon, Ophthalmologist – My development at Optical Express

“Being a part of this organisation tooled me to become the Laser Vision Surgeon that I’ve become.”

Working as an Ophthalmic Surgeon since 2010, Dr Muhammed Ali Memon was delighted to join the Optical Express team, performing laser vision correction surgery and helping his patients achieve life-changing visual outcomes.
Being able to work with a renowned, highly experienced team has helped Mr Memon to develop his skills and expand his knowledge while at Optical Express. Describing the clinical development he has experienced he said, “I get to work with people who have done tens of thousands of procedures and they were incredibly generous with their time, their guidance, their tips and tricks and so what that meant was from the get go, my surgical technique was everything that one hoped it would be.”

At Optical Express we pride ourselves on our strong internal support system which includes a network of experienced colleagues who are always on hand to offer help and advice when it is required. Having the support of this multidisciplinary team provided Dr Memon with the opportunity to develop his expertise and hone his skills. He credits this support to the outstanding clinical outcomes he has achieved commenting, “My outcomes have been brilliant all the way through, and I don’t think that the credit for that resides with me. It resides with the support, the guidance and the mentorship that I was given especially in the first few months.”

For Mr Memon, what really sets Optical Express apart from other providers is the attention to detail that goes into the patient journey, ensuring that every patient is looked after by our experienced clinical team throughout their time with us. “What I really like about Optical Express, is how focused it is and the forward planning that goes into it, and what that translates into is that the equipment, the resources, the staff and the plan is there for whatever it is that one expects to do.” By ensuring the best clinical practices are utilised throughout the patient journey, our talented ophthalmologists are able to complete their procedures to the best of their ability without any added stress or complications.

Mr Memon wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of his colleagues to work with Optical Express expressing, “If you want to acquire a skill-set that you’re not going to get in the NHS and be supported as you do it and actually make a different to people’s lives, then please give it a think. It’s been really rewarding for me.”

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