Mr Muhammad Kazmi – Working as an Ophthalmologist at Optical Express

Muhammad Kazmi is a highly experienced Ophthalmic Surgeon with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. He has been a part of the Optical Express team for nearly 10 years where he has transformed the lives of thousands of patients.

Working as an Ophthalmologist, Mr Kazmi gets to experience the euphoric feeling patients have after immediately after surgery when they notice a transformation in their vision. Describing the experience, Mr Kazmi said, “It’s great. The reason I did ophthalmology was because I felt that this was a speciality that really gives the best job satisfaction. It is very satisfying to do the treatment, the patient sits up and says, “Oh, I can see the clock!” So that is what I do the work for”

Over £500 million has been invested in our clinics and state of the art technology at Optical Express as part of our commitment to providing each patient with exceptional standards of patient care. We pride ourselves on this standard of patient care and have developed a patient journey that ensures the patient is looked after at every stage of their experience with us. Describing this patient journey Mr Kazmi comments, “Optical Express has a very robust model to look after patients. So when the patient walks in the door, they have a whole plan arranged for them. If they patient requires any changes at any time Optical Express fully supports this.”

Describing the patient experience at Optical Express as ‘top class’ Dr Kazmi would recommend anyone to join the team and help us to continue transforming the lives of even more patients throughout the country.

If you would like to experience true job satisfaction like Dr Kazmi, find out more about the opportunities available at Optical Express now. Email for more information.

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