Meet Assistant Manager Anita – My Journey with Optical Express

I never dreamt I could just get up and see, it’s been incredible”.

At Optical Express we are proud to help our colleagues develop professionally and give them opportunities to progress and realise their potential. This was made clear when we caught up with one of our experienced Assistant Manager, Anita, who has worked with us for over 20 years.  

Anita started her career at Optical Express as a Patient Advisor and was responsible for providing world-class customer service to our patients, ensuring they receive the 5-star experience we are renowned for. Throughout her time with Optical Express she has been able to take advantage of the numerous training and development opportunities available claiming that this is what really makes the difference in being able to provide a world-class experience for our patients and this enabled her to advance in her career and become Assistant Manager.

Thanks to the incredible employee benefit of free laser eye surgery or lens replacement surgery available to all Optical Express employees Anita was able to have life-changing surgery to transform her own vision.

With a high prescription of minus 8, Anita had worn glasses and contact lenses since childhood so, for her, the transformation has been nothing short of incredible, commenting “It’s been absolutely amazing, totally life changing.” Thankful that her role with Optical Express has made the opportunity to live without glasses and contact lenses possible, she comments that previously visual freedom did not seem achievable for her, “I never dreamt I could just get up and see it’s been incredible.

Experiencing first-hand the incredible results that are possible with refractive surgery, Anita is now even more confident in discussing the benefits with patients and can happily reassure them by using her own personal experience. Anita believes that working for Optical Express is more than just a job, remarking that the services we provide are “life changing, be it laser eye surgery or cataract surgery. When patients are able to get their freedom back and independence back, that’s amazing”.

Anita is looking forward to many more years of visual freedom, and continuing her ever growing career with Optical Express!

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