Life As An Optometrist at Optical Express – Ross

Mobile Optometrist Ross started his career in core optometry but recently decided to make the move to Optical Express. Now benefitting from far greater career development opportunities available at Optical Express, he has already started gaining experience in refractive optometry, moving beyond simply dispensing glasses and contact lenses to provide life-changing laser eye and lens replacement surgery.

“There definitely seems to be a bigger scope for progression. The laser side is the most obvious part, I don’t think any other company will offer that. It kind of prevents you from plateauing and stagnating in that sense, so, it’s really enjoyable. It always keeps your brain ticking,” he explains. In order to help him make the move into refractive optometry, Ross received extensive training as part of our commitment to provide all optometrists with continued support and guidance. Through anything from regular in-house CET events to supervised clinic sessions and surgeon-led peer review discussions, he has been able to develop the skills needed to confidently manage his patients: “The past month I’ve been doing the refractive training here, so that’s entailed a lot of shadowing of other colleagues with a lot more experience to obviously doing consultations now. So yeah, there’s been tons of training.”

Besides a comprehensive and rolling training programme, Ross has also benefitted from the vast support network available at Optical Express. From his colleagues in Glasgow to the Clinical Services Team who provide 24/7 advice from our Head Office, there is always someone on hand who can offer guidance or help answer any questions and queries. “There’s the suitability opinions email address you can contact, there’s a phone number, but quite happily as well, there are tons of colleagues to who I can just chap the door to and ask a question to,” he comments. “I’ve never felt like I’ve been left on my own regard, there’s always someone to ask a question to and I’ve got a lot of questions, so it’s been quite helpful,” Ross continues.

Working in refractive optometry at Optical Express has allowed Ross to learn from some of the country’s leading specialists in clinical eye care. At our state-of-the-art treatment clinic in Glasgow, he is able to frequently tap into the knowledge of renowned ophthalmologist Dr David Teenan, who is widely regarded as Scotland’s premier and most experienced ophthalmic surgeon. “David Teenan is always about and there’s been a few scenarios where I’ve had to pick his brain. If I’m alongside Claire for example, and there’s been a patient where we’re not too sure about their suitability, it’s quite easy to just go a couple of doors down and ask David for his opinion about it,” Ross says.

Looking back on his move into refractive optometry, does Ross feel like he’s been well supported at Optical Express? “Yes, for sure. From day one, it was kind of shadowing in that sense, getting an idea of how it worked, from the handover to what you are saying to patients and stuff like that. Then afterwards there’s tons of training online where you can read stuff, and there are observations as well, which I’ve been taking just now. So, for sure, there’s definitely been foundations of support there every step,” he explains.

Are you looking to take your career in a new direction? A move into refractive optometry could be the answer. Providing care to refractive surgery and cataract patients means you get to practice real clinical diversity, allowing you to develop new skills and grow your confidence as a clinician. View our latest optometry vacancies now and develop your career with the UK’s leading refractive surgery provider.

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