Life As A Optometrist at Optical Express – Roisin

Successfully completing her pre-registration period with Optical Express in 2021, Roisin is currently active as a newly qualified optometrist at our state of the art clinic in Glasgow. Keen to further develop her knowledge on refractive optometry, she hopes to gain her Independent Prescribing (IP) qualification with the aim of qualifying as an Optometrist Specialising in Refractive Surgery.

Previously working for various multiples on the high street, Roisin was eager to move beyond simply dispensing glasses and contact lenses and take on a new challenge that would allow her to stretch herself professionally. This led her to start her pre-registration period at our clinic in Glasgow, where she was able to take her first steps into the world of refractive optometry. “I felt I had experience with glasses, and refractive surgery and the refractive clinics were something that was new to me, and something that was interesting,” she explains.

Throughout her pre-registration period, Roisin gained extensive knowledge on a wide range of eye conditions and clinical eye care solutions. Benefitting from the industry-leading support available at Optical Express, which includes anything from supervision by IP qualified optometrists to being offered training courses and resources to help prepare for OSCEs, she was able to gain the confidence needed to effectively manage her own patients. “I worked alongside an optometrist who was IP trained, who gave me a lot of experience and knowledge. I’ve seen a lot of variety of patients, so different patients with different conditions, which led me to be more experienced at the end of my pre-reg,” she comments.

Not only was Roisin able to work alongside IP qualified optometrists and world-leading ophthalmic surgeons, she also had access to advanced technologies and diagnostic equipment from industry leaders such as Johnson & Johnson Vision and Carl Zeiss: “The technology and equipment that they [Optical Express] have is always new, it’s always up to date and developing with the optometry world. It’s quite impressive, the machines and equipment that they have to look into the eye and assess the eye. It’ll make my job a lot easier.”

Roisin has successfully completed her pre-registration period and now works as a newly qualified optometrist. “I chose Optical Express to continue my career because I had built up an experience with the company. I also wanted to continue my knowledge of the refractive side of optometry and refractive surgery. It’s a career path that was different to me,” she says. Looking ahead, she hopes to be able to continue developing as an optometrist, and is already planning on gaining her Independent Prescribing (IP) qualification in the near future: “I’d like to do my IP qualifications and I’m hoping that there’s an opportunity for me to then become refractive trained. So learn about the refractive side of optics and perhaps go down that route for my career.”

What advice would Roisin give to student optometrists who are considering their next steps? “Your pre-reg year is going to be difficult no matter what, so if you can involve as much learning as possible throughout that year it will make you a better optometrist when you come to qualify.” Are you seeking a pre-reg optometrist role? Optical Express can provide you with the support needed to develop your skills and knowledge, enabling you to successfully complete your pre-registration period whilst providing an excellent level of clinical care to your patients. View our latest vacancies now and develop your career with the UK’s leading refractive surgery provider.

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