Life as a Clinic Manager at Optical Express – Shaun

Originally from a dental background, Shaun joined Optical Express two years ago when he decided that he wanted to pursue a career in optometry. Passionate about working in patient care and keen to become part of a team that truly changes lives, he took on the role of Clinic Manager and now oversees our state-of-the-art clinics in Carlisle and Dumfries.

As Optical Express is the UK’s only complete eye care provider, Shaun and his team advise patients on a variety of services – ranging from glasses and contact lenses to life changing laser eye, lens replacement and private cataract surgery. This exposure to a wide range of patients and treatments is one of Shaun’s favourite aspects of his role as Clinic Manager, as it means that no two days are the same. “Patients come in for either sight tests, aftercare or full consultations but every day is completely different, every patient is completely different, and every outcome is completely different,” he comments.

Besides enjoying the variety in his role, Shaun is also delighted with the development opportunities that are available to him at Optical Express. Receiving extensive training on the industry-leading diagnostic equipment used in his clinics, for example, has allowed him to become more involved in each stage of the patient journey: “Being trained on diagnostic equipment is very helpful for myself and my Patient Advisors, because then we get to know a lot more about what is going on in an optician’s room, so we’re not just admin people, we’re part of the process.”

Managing his team throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, Shaun is delighted that they have been able to help alleviate the pressure on the NHS by educating patients on their vision correction choices. Referring patients for treatment to our surgery centres in Glasgow and Newcastle, Shaun and his team play a role in reducing the risk of eye infections and serious incidents due to outdated vision correction solutions such as contact lenses and varifocal or bifocal glasses. “At the moment our NHS is under extreme pressure and Optical Express can help alleviate some of that demand. Most people don’t realise that contact lenses can cause severe infections and out-of-date prescriptions such as bifocals or varifocals could actually cause serious trips and falls, which can lead to hospital admissions,” he explains.

Not only does Shaun get to support patients at risk from outdated vision correction solutions, his teams at our Carlisle and Dumfries clinics also help those awaiting life-changing cataract surgery. With NHS waiting times being at an all-time high, some people now find themselves having to wait months or even years for treatment: “It’s quite heart breaking, because eventually if they don’t get their cataract sorted, they could potentially lose their sight. A patient could be on a waiting list for another two years, and then coming with us and having private surgery we do it all in one day.”

Shaun wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a career at Optical Express to those looking for a rewarding role within a supportive environment. “If you were to join Optical Express, you’re going to be supported from the minute you start. You’ll receive exceptional training, you’ll receive support from every possible person in the company. If you need anything at any point someone is a phone call or an email away. It’s a really good team to work for,” he says.

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