Life as a Clinic Manager at Optical Express – Christine

Joining Optical Express as a Patient Advisor in 2014, Christine progressed to Assistant Manager before finally deciding to relocate to Cambridge to take on the role of Clinic Manager. She is now at the forefront of our Cambridge and Peterborough branches, ensuring that the patient journey runs smoothly in both clinics by coordinating her team and overseeing the day-to-day operations.

On a daily basis, Christine is responsible for the operational efficiency of the Cambridge and Peterborough clinics, managing her team to help them drive sales while ensuring that Optical Express’ high standards on patient care are maintained. “It’s just being there at the forefront of the clinic, to make sure that all patients are happy and things run smoothly. I support the clinic, the staff, and the optometrists to ensure that patients book in for treatment and everybody is happy,” she explains.

Being able to play an integral part in the patient journey is one of Christine’s favourite aspects of her work as Clinic Manager. Delivering care and support to her patients from their first consultation all the way up to their post-operative check-ups, she gets to witness the massive impact that vision correction surgery can have on their lives, boosting their self-confidence and giving them a new sense of freedom. “The freedom we get from our glasses and contact lenses can be life-changing for many people. I think the best thing they say is the confidence it’s given them. How wearing the glasses and contact lenses just really doesn’t help with their lifestyle, and how they’ve changed their life and grown a new confidence,” she says.

Christine also enjoys working closely together with her team to help them develop professionally and progress within the business: “I really love staff to be able to progress with the company, and just really coaching and managing them.” Starting out as a Patient Advisor herself, she understands the importance of having opportunities for career advancement, as she was able to progress to Assistant Manager before finally relocating to Cambridge to oversee and manage her own clinics. In her current position, she is responsible for inducting, coaching, and supporting her team, ensuring that they feel comfortable and confident in carrying out their roles and helping them develop their careers. Having worked with us for nearly 7 years, Christine wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a career at Optical Express to those looking to join a growing organisation where they will have the opportunity to develop. “We’re just growing as a business and opening new clinics. So, if you want a fast-paced industry that’s going to employ within and promote you, it’s there for the taking,” she comments. Reflecting on her own experience, working in a variety of different roles and clinics throughout the years, she has been delighted with the company culture and the support that has been available to her: “Everybody I’ve worked with is fantastic, no matter whether it’s a Surgeon, a Patient Advisor, or a Receptionist. It’s just all about wanting to give that patient the best journey and support each other and work as a team.”

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