Life as a Clinic Manager at Optical Express – Anthony

Having worked for Optical Express for over 14 years, Anthony has become a key member of our team in the East Midlands, overseeing our Nottingham, Lincoln and Leicester clinics. First joining the company as a Patient Advisor, he was able to advance into an Assistant Manager position before finally taking on his current role as Clinic Manager.

Responsible for the day-to-day operational management of these clinics, he plays a crucial part in the delivery of first-class care to patients. “My overall responsibility is to ensure that we deliver outstanding service to our patients. The main thing is the patient journey. Just ensuring that I look after them from the moment they come in to the moment they leave,” he explains. Besides his focus on patient care, Anthony also develops and supports the teams in his clinics. Responsible for recruiting, inducting and coaching staff members, he ensures that they feel confident and comfortable interacting with and supporting patients.  

His involvement in every step of the patient journey is one of Anthony’s favourite aspects of his position as Clinic Manager, as it means that no two days are the same. “Every day is different. We have so many patients coming through with so many different stories and so many different reasons why they want to have treatment with us,” he says. Seeing them on the day of surgery, as well as being there for their post-operative check-up, he loves witnessing the difference 24 hours can make; “It’s typical that they are going to be nervous, but you look after them and then you see them the day after and they are just over the moon. All that worry is gone, that fear is gone, and they are just really happy to be free of their glasses.”

Over the 14 years that Anthony has worked at Optical Express, he has been able to develop from a Patient Advisor to a Clinic Manager – overseeing and managing two consultation clinics and one of the biggest eye surgery centres in the East Midlands. Delighted with the opportunities for career advancement that have been available to him, he highlights the importance of Optical Express’ commitment to the continual training and development of their staff. “I’ve had management training, I’ve had interview skills training, I’ve had HR training, payroll, first aid, not to mention all the training on the diagnostic equipment downstairs,” he explains. Anthony wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Optical Express to anyone who is looking for a rewarding career that will allow them to make a difference to people’s lives. “The girl we’ve seen today, she’s worn glasses all her life. She has come in today and she’s got 20/20 vision, and she’s so happy. To hold her hand through that journey is fantastic,” he says. He also comments on the company culture, stating that it’s ‘almost like a family’. “Because I’ve worked here for so many years I’ve got really good relationships with my Directors, the CEO, and the team here. That’s the reason why I’m here. That’s the reason why I stayed with Optical Express for 14 years and hope to be here for another 14,” he concludes.

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