Jean, Patient Advisor, Newcastle

Jean, Patient Advisor, Newcastle

Jean’s Optical Express career spans 17 years. Since the day she started in the business, she has wholeheartedly embraced the role of Patient Advisor – a role that she continues to carry out today.

“Patient Advisors help potential patients to understand the eye care solutions that are most suitable for them,” Jean explains. “Being able to build relationships with people and keep in touch after their consultations are key parts of the role. I’m a people person, and speaking to patients is always a joy. I can’t imagine doing anything else!”

Jean’s tips for a successful career as a Patient Advisor include taking time to get to know the patient on a personal level. “Every patient is different,” she says. “I like to find out all I can about them and their lifestyle. Why are they considering laser eye or lens replacement surgery? People are interesting, and by understanding them and their motivation, I can then help to give them confidence in the treatments we provide through answering all of their questions.”

In her early Patient Advisor years, Jean travelled to the Optical Express Glasgow and Edinburgh clinics to help the teams there with patient consultations. “I coached the new Patient Advisors who were joining the business as it grew, which was very rewarding.”

It’s clear that Jean loves her job. “There’s no better feeling than seeing a patient you’ve dealt with after their surgery – they’re astounded at the change in their vision,” she smiles. “When patients pass my room on their way to see the Specialist Refractive Optometrist for their check-up, they’ll quite often pop in to tell me how thrilled they are. Sometimes they bring the team flowers or chocolates as a thank you, which, while not necessary, is lovely.”

One family in particular sticks in Jean’s mind. “Both daughter and mother had laser eye surgery, and then both grandparents had natural lens replacement. They were all delighted with the results of their treatment.”

Jean believes that teamwork is the secret to being a successful Patient Advisor. “Of course you have to be genuinely interested in people, but you can’t do your best for your patients without your colleagues. In particular, Patient Advisors should support their Specialist Refractive Optometrist and follow their guidance, taking instruction from them as and when it’s given.”

Although Jean has been with Optical Express for 17 years, she’s not the only one in her team to have a long career with the business. “Most of my colleagues at St Nicholas have been with Optical Express for more than ten years. We all get along well together and understand what makes each of us tick. Each Christmas we have a night out which is great fun. It sets us up for the next year.”

Jean adds, “What I do at Optical Express plays a part in helping transform not only our patients’ vision, but their whole lives. I really do consider it a privilege to be a Patient Advisor.”

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