James, Business Analyst & Operations Team Leader

He’s celebrating more than 10 years at Optical Express – James tells us about his career to date, and his plans for the future

Back in 2007, James was completing a degree in computing while also working at the Inland Revenue on a temporary contract. It was a role he enjoyed, but when he completed his degree course he discovered that there was a 2-year wait list for a permanent position. “I’d already done more than a year with them and another 2 years seemed like a long, long time,” he explains. “I wanted to progress more quickly, so applied for permanent jobs in other places.”

He soon had three job offers – two from banks and one for Optical Express. “I didn’t know much at all about the company beforehand and had to study it before my interview!” he laughs. “The interview really fired my imagination and I was so impressed that I took the role as an administrator. It sounded exciting – I’d be able to develop the Admin department. As well as being able to help the business progress, I’d also be learning myself and could test out my ideas for improvements. I wanted to be part of a company that changed people’s lives, and a bank was never going to do that!”

James was soon putting his ideas into action, building relationships with the people across the company to allow for better communication and smoother processes. He’s been involved in implementing many inter-departmental projects during his time with Optical Express. “We’ve automated so many processes over the years, and made efficiencies to benefit the company, its employees and our patients.”

Never one to turn down a challenge, and given his aptitude for figures, James took control of the company’s contact centre internal reporting and analysis just over two years ago. He oversees the Operations Team and has made ongoing employee development a priority. “It’s vital that we have accuracy and consistency so that we can fully understand what the numbers are telling us.”

Just as in his early days in the business, James feels that teamwork is central to success. “The team’s always willing to help the rest of the business with data requirements which help make decisions easier and benefit the business.”

Now that he’s passed the 10 year milestone at Optical Express, what keeps James motivated? “I’m given a high level of autonomy, and if I put forward a decent case for change I’m listened to by the senior management team.

“Being second best isn’t an option,” he continues. “There are always challenges in any industry, but thanks to the investment the company’s made in both people and equipment it continues to be the market leader. It’s an incredibly exciting time for the business and I can see the impact that new strategies are making.

“I’m still sold on what Optical Express does!” adds James. “There are lots of career options available to me for the future, from operations management to regional opportunities. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 10 years have in store.”

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