IOL Master at Optical Express

IOL Master at Optical Express

The outcome of refractive lens exchange/cataract surgery depends on a multitude of different biometric measurements to include the curvature/power of the cornea, the anterior chamber depth, the lens position and the axial length.

If biometric measurements such as the power of the cornea, the anterior chamber depth and the axial length are known, it’s possible to calculate the lens power by way of sophisticated modern day formulas that will result in the best visual outcome. A biometer allows you to capture these measurements that support the mathematical formulas required to determine the most appropriate lens power.

It’s therefore imperative that the biometer produces reliable, repeatable results to ensure that the patient achieves the best possible visual outcome.

Significant investment has been made in technology, with the aim being to make further improvements in patient visual outcomes at Optical Express. It includes the introduction of the outstanding IOL Master 700 from ZEISS.

ZEISS was the inventor of the first optical biometer and the company pioneered the introduction of OCT for ophthalmology. With the introduction of the IOL Master 700, Zeiss has secured its position at the forefront of this field.

The IOL Master 700 integrates the SWEPT Source OCT technology to create the first SWEPT Source Biometry device from ZEISS. It measures all biometric parameters for the latest IOL power calculation formulas.

The IOL Master 700 allows the user to ensure good fixation, reducing the risk of refractive ‘surprises’ due to incorrect measurements from poor fixation.  The SWEPT Source Biometry performed by IOL Master 700 provides the user and surgeon with an OCT image showing anatomical details of the eye. This allows unusual eye geometries, such as a tilt or decentration of the crystalline lens, to be detected.  If these unusual geometries are left undetected, an unsatisfactory postoperative outcome can result.

The IOL Master 700 also ensures that the potential sources of errors are reduced, because it allows the user to visually verify the structure of the eye which has been measured. This removes the need for complex interpretation of A-scans, required when using older technologies.

The IOL Master 700 also offers robust and repeatable keratometry measurements through telecentric keratometry. Total Keratometry (TK), available on the IOL Master 700 allows assessment of both the anterior and posterior corneal surfaces. The utilisation of data from the posterior corneal surface in addition to the anterior surface enhances outcomes.

Stephen Hannan, Optical Express’s Clinical Services Director says, “Patient satisfaction is central to life at Optical Express. The investment made in diagnostic technologies such as the IOL Master 700 is just one of the steps that we’ve taken to ensure every patient enjoys their best possible visual outcomes. The use of the IOL Master 700 allows for improved patient outcomes, with more patients achieving excellent visual outcomes than ever before.”

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