Introducing: Paul – Refractive Optometrist

Having started out in research before moving on to nuclear physics, Paul made a complete career change to work in optics. A store director for a large optical multiple’s domiciliary division for 2½ years, his recent move to Optical Express had to be delayed for several months when he moved house and his wife had a baby in quick succession.

“Changing job, moving house and my wife having a baby would have been incredibly stressful,” Paul smiles. “Joining Optical Express was worth the wait, though, and I’ve been here for around 6 weeks now. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute.”

As someone who believes that patient care is the most important part of his role, Paul has been pleased with the differences he’s noticed at Optical Express already, compared with companies he’s worked for previously. “The technology here is nothing short of brilliant. It allows us to delve deeper and to diagnose and treat our patients at the highest level. I’m using advanced machines that I’ve never used anywhere else.”

Paul admits that the move to Optical Express has been a steep learning curve at times. “There’s a lot to take in, and sometimes I’ve felt like my head was spinning! The more you use the technology, the more adept you become, and it helps me to provide a quicker diagnosis more easily. The training I’ve received here has been first rate – despite needing a lot of effort, what I’ve already learned in just 6 weeks has made me a better clinician, even taking into account my years of experience. It’s definitely given me an additional skillset.

“The support from everyone at Optical Express, from Clinical Services to my fellow optometrists, has been excellent – I have a fantastic support network I know I can rely on.”

Providing the best in patient care is very important to Paul, and he’s noticed that he now has the time to provide this. “As a refractive optometrist, I carry out more in-depth and exhaustive eye examinations and much better tests. These help to ensure that I can help my patients make the right decisions about their eye health.

“If all optometrists were trained to Optical Express standards, our hospitals would be much quieter!” says Paul. “I’m delighted that I now have the time, technology and skills to help deliver the highest standards of care to my patients.”

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