Huba Kiss, Ophthalmologist – My career at Optical Express

Renowned Ophthalmic Surgeon, Mr Huba Kiss, has over 10 years industry experience which has allowed him to expand his knowledge and build an esteemed reputation within the field of ophthalmology.
Working with Optical Express has been a “great experience” for Mr Kiss, as it allows him to fully focus on his what he enjoys most about his role, “I always love performing surgeries”. As well as physically performing the procedures, My Kiss also finds job satisfaction in the positive, lasting relationships he is able to build with patients, something that is not always possible in other careers.

Thanks to the highly advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies available at Optical Express, our patients are fully prepped ahead of their surgery date. Ensuring that all the appropriate scans and information are gathered prior to surgery helps our surgeons immensely, allowing them to concentrate on the main task at hand which is performing the life-changing treatment to the best of their abilities without any added stress. Commenting on the Optical Express patient journey, Mr Kiss said, “The care Optical Express is giving to our patients is reassuring for me. Starting from the diagnostic, the conversations with patients, the surgeries, and the aftercare, the enhancement programmes, the check-ups for those patients who are in demand. It is a very well organised system.”

As well as this, we provide a constant level of support for our Optometrists and Ophthalmologists working within Optical Express from our renowned Clinical Services team. This team is made up of some of the most experienced clinicians in the industry, who are on hand to offer help and guidance at any time when it is required. So for our surgeons, they are truly supported in every aspect of their role at Optical Express.

When asked if he would recommend working at Optical Express to anyone else in the industry, Mr Kiss didn’t hesitate commenting, “For an ophthalmologist who loves meeting many types of patients or loves performing very high numbers of surgeries, Optical Express is the best workplace.”
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