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Hafsah, Optometrist, Laser Eye Surgery Patient, Harley Street

“We’re actually making a change to the environment”

Optometrist, Hafsah, received life-changing laser eye surgery as part of our industry offer initiative, aiming to educate the optical industry on the harmful environmental impact of single-use plastic contact lenses and glasses whilst also raising awareness for the environmental charity, Ocean Generation.

From start to finish, Hafsah found the whole process to be amazing and recalls how all of her questions on the differences in the types of procedures available and the post-surgical outcomes were answered efficiently by her world renowned surgeon Dr Mughal. The excellent treatment she received from the Optical Express team at her initial consultation appointment only further reassured her on the decision to go for the surgery.

Working within the optical industry and wearing glasses since the age of 12, Hafsah thought she was prepared for the procedure but still found herself shocked by how much it actually exceeded her expectations, commenting, “The most surprising thing for me was how quick it was. I didn’t realise my vision would be just as good as what I had with glasses”.

Talking about the benefits that having the surgery has had on her career, Hafsah feels she can now have a more educated conversation with her patients about refractive surgery options available to them and the benefits it could provide to their day to day lives. Hafsah is now able to reassure her patients on the life-changing decision to have laser eye surgery due to her own experience, being able say “Look at me, I’ve had it done”.

Although in her personal experience, Hafsah recalls that she was taught very well about optics and refractive surgery during her time at University, she feels she could have benefitted from spending time in a surgery clinic, being a part of the process and having the opportunity to observe refractive procedures first hand, “Having that practical access and exposure in person would probably be something that I’d want more of”.

Not only has laser eye surgery made a difference to Hafsah’s career, she also found it made an incredible transformation to her day-to-day life. Now thanks to the surgery she can wake up in the morning and see the clock without the use of her glasses and play her favourite sports without any inconvenience describing the change as, “it has just been life-changing”.

As part of the Optical Express industry initiative campaign, optometrists were asked to give something back and donate to environmental charity Ocean Generation, to help them continue to work they do to protect our oceans. With charity work playing a big interest in her life, Hafash was delighted to support the campaign to raise awareness of the damage that single-use plastic contact lenses and glasses are having on our environment, saying, “We’re all aware of the social and cosmetic reasons behind vision correction surgery, but not that by having laser eye surgery we’re actually making a change to the environment”.

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