Faizah, Optometrist – My Career Development at Optical Express

“If you’re looking for a rewarding career in healthcare that gives you a good work-life balance and you want to make a positive impact on people’s lives, optometry is definitely one to consider.”

Faizah is one of our experienced Optometrists working across our clinics in Manchester. Describing her time at Optical Express as, “The time in my profession and career personally that I’ve developed most as a clinician” Faizah has taken advantage of all the opportunities Optical Express has to offer to grow and expand her career.

When Faizah first joined the company, she was highly impressed by the detailed and comprehensive training she received and was supported by two mentors who shared their vast amounts of clinical knowledge with her. Faizah learned many important aspects of the role such as how to determine if a patient is suitable for a life-changing procedure and how to manage complex cases. Describing the experience she said, “The amount of experience, support and training you get here at Optical Express really is incredible.”

Even now that Faizah is established in her role as a Optometrist and is out of her training programme, regularly diagnosing patients on a daily basis, she still has constant support and guidance from her colleagues within Optical Express. Discussing Optical Express’ Clinical Services Team that is made up of some of the most experienced optometrists and ophthalmologists in the industry, Faizah remarked, “I always come to work knowing that no matter how simple or complex my day, there is always someone on the Clinical Services team who is on the other end of the phone waiting to help me.”
Not only does Optical Express provide constant support to our optometrists, we also actively motivate them to develop themselves professional, ensuring that every optometrist is given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Optometrists are encouraged to undertake further qualifications including the Independent Prescribing qualification which is fully funded by us. Discussing the IP course, Faizah explained, “I genuinely don’t think that I would’ve been doing that so early on in my career if it wasn’t for the encouragement from Optical Express.”

With over £500 million being invested in our clinics and advanced diagnostic technology at Optical Express, we pride ourselves on being able to achieve the very best results for our patients. Our optometrists also receive in-depth training and learn how to properly analyse diagnostic scans and accurately diagnose patients which for Faizah, was something she was extremely excited to expand her knowledge on commenting, “In the past, to be told that in a few years’ time I would be able to interpret these scans, and analyse them, and assess them, I would’ve thought you’d have been kidding. But through the training programme here you can accurately diagnose, we can pick up the mildest hints of pathology, and we can also responsibly and appropriately list patients for surgery.”

To learn more about becoming an Optical Express optometrist contact careers@opticalexpress.com and reach your full potential!

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