Employee Benefits | Patient Advisor Claire – My Laser Eye Surgery Experience

Patient Advisor, Claire, has been working for Optical Express for two and a half years and recently took advantage of the free laser eye surgery employee benefit on offer to all colleagues at Optical Express.

After suffering for years with visual migraines due to eye strain and pressure on her eyes, and living with frustration of having to either wear glasses or contact lenses daily, Claire was excited about the opportunity of a life of visual freedom.

Claire first noticed her eyesight deteriorating when she was in high school, but refused to wear glasses, making it hard for her to see the board. But she is now fully aware of how important and vital good eye sight is.

Claire enjoys going out for walks but always had the frustration of dealing with misty glasses due to the rain. But since having laser eye surgery, as she walked her usual route she was overjoyed and surprised with the difference in her eyesight, stating that “the detail was incredible, it was much better then when I had my glasses on or contact lenses in”. Not only does she have visual freedom, but Claire is also free of having constant migraines with her stating: “I don’t even remember the last time I had a migraine”.

The surgery didn’t just have a positive impact on Claire’s personal life, but it also helped her career at Optical Express. After going through the laser eye surgery experience herself, Claire now has a much better understanding of the full patient journey, and being on the patient side of receiving surgery will enable her to confidently help and reassure patients during their own life-changing experience.

Claire describes her vision now as “perfect” and “better than 20/20”. At Optical Express we know that our people are our strongest asset, that’s why we provide a range of fantastic employee benefits to ensure that all our colleagues are happy and healthy. Whether its flexible working opportunities, Perkbox benefits, free laser eye or lens replacement surgery, training and support, we ensure that we are providing the very best for our colleagues as well as our patients.

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