Luca Antico, Ophthalmologist – Mr Career at Optical Express

Working with Optical Express since 2011, Mr Luca Antico is a highly experienced ophthalmologist specialising in laser eye surgery.

Discussing the importance that the field of optometry has on the impact of our patients, Mr Antico stresses the value that it has on patient’s quality of life and that as an optometrist or ophthalmologist working in this field, “You can make big changes to the lives of many people” which makes for a truly exciting career.

Referring to the development opportunities available for optometrists who work with Optical Express, Mr Antico claims there is plenty of scope to explore the field of refractive surgery within the company. When it comes to his own personal career with Optical Express, he praises the fantastic working environment as well as the “excellent team work” he has experienced. Although ophthalmologists are responsible for conducting the surgery on the patient, they work as part of a much wider, highly skilled team who work together to ensure that we are providing the highest levels of patient care possible.

According to Mr Antico, patients receiving treatment with Optical Express have access to the “best available” diagnostic and treatment technologies, which ensures we can provide the best results we possible for each patient. Achieving such positive clinical results provides a complete level of job satisfaction for all those involved in the patient journey, especially our optometrists and ophthalmologists.

If you are an optometrist who is eager to learn more about refractive surgery, Mr Antico explains, “For optometrists, Optical Express is probably one of the best options to discover what refractive surgery could be. The optometrists here at Optical Express can probably get the maximum here than anywhere else within their profession”. For more information contact our Recruitment Team at

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