Looking to take your career in a new direction? Refractive optometry could the answer.

Job satisfaction. What does it mean to you?

More and more optometrists are tiring of the routine sight test/glasses/contact lenses merry-go-round, and are looking for something more. Something that will stretch them professionally, and help them continue to develop throughout their optometry career.

If that’s what job satisfaction looks like to you, then perhaps it’s time to look at everything that Optical Express has to offer. As the leading refractive surgery provider in the UK and Ireland, you won’t find the same range of outstanding optometry opportunities anywhere else. Providing care to refractive surgery and cataract patients takes your clinical development to the next level.

Making a move into refractive needn’t be a challenge, because the Optical Express Refractive Training Programme content has been specifically developed in line with our International Medical Advisory Board approved Clinical Directives. A bespoke, well thought out and CET approved course allows Optical Express to support the clinical development of new optometrists to the group.

Amy Laux, Clinical Governance Manager, said, “As an optometrist at Optical Express, you can be sure that you’ll have all the support you need to develop the skills that will allow you to confidently manage patients, both pre and post operatively. We continue to support every optometrist during their Optical Express career through regular contact with our Senior Clinical Team. Further to the theoretical, practical and communication training sessions you’ll also have access to a clinical second opinion service and the OE Academy e-learning platform, as well as regular surgeon-led peer review discussions.”

We believe that a structured and supportive approach is essential, and so the Refractive Training Programme includes:

  • Distance Learning
  • Supervised Clinic Sessions – Postoperative Consultations
  • Supervised Clinic Sessions – Preoperative Consultations
  • Supported Clinic Sessions

You’ll be given our training manuals prior to your pre and postoperative consultation training weeks, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to familiarise yourself with subjects such as the history and theory of laser vision correction (LVC) and refractive lens exchange (RLE) / cataract surgery. You’ll also have an introduction to the pre and postoperative management of the surgery patient.

Led by an experienced optometrist trainer and held in an Optical Express Centre for Excellence, the supervised clinic sessions begin with a series of CET approved lectures relating to the pre and postoperative management of a refractive patient.

Following this, you’ll spend time observing one of our experienced Specialist Refractive Optometrists undertake both preoperative and postoperative consultations before you do so yourself under direct supervision. The supervised clinic sessions also give you the opportunity to spend time with the surgery team and observe surgery itself.

As a follow on, you’ll work alongside an experienced Specialist Refractive Optometrist to ensure you have additional support in the early stages. We continue to support every optometrist through their career, and so you’ll have regular contact with your Optometry Development Manager. In addition, you’ll have access to a second opinion service led by our Clinical Services Optometrists and the OE Academy e-learning platform, as well as regular surgeon-led peer review discussions.

Martin, a Senior Refractive Optometrist at Optical Express in Edinburgh, moved into refractive optometry last year. He’s enjoying the variety his new role brings. He says, “The training programme was excellent, and my colleagues couldn’t have been more supportive from the start.

“I’d felt stuck in a rut in the optical business I worked for previously. I’ve been amazed at the opportunities that are available to optometrists here at Optical Express.

“Now I’m enjoying the fact that every day brings something new. I enjoy carrying out post-operative appointments and refractive consultations. It’s safe to say that my role now is completely different – and the satisfaction that I get from my job has soared.”

You can find out more about a rewarding career at Optical Express by searching our current vacancies. You can also contact careers@opticalexpress.com or call 01236 795146.

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