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Optical Express Ambassadors: Pamela – Recruitment Team Leader


I’ve had a varied background in recruitment, having worked in agency recruitment as well as more direct, client-based roles up until my current internal recruitment role with Optical Express. The different recruitment sector experience I’ve gained in my career has given me the ability to adapt quickly to any challenges I’m faced with.

When I joined the business, I knew that Optical Express was an established and highly successful company with a well-known brand and market presence. I soon found out that, in relation to other companies, it was different – Optical Express has a fast-paced business model, which makes for an exciting working environment. One thing I really think sets it apart from other organisations is that decisions are made in a much more agile way, and there’s less red tape to cut through.

For me, the process for joining Optical Express was speedy and streamlined. The initial discussions were worked over 2 stages – an initial telephone interview, and then a face to face interview. I found that both interviews were relatively relaxed and informative. My interview provided an opportunity for the business to get to know me. I found out I was successful within days of my interview – I was delighted, reassured and excited, all at the same time.

Just as it was with my interview, the job application process at Optical Express is typically no more than 2 stages. Once you have submitted your application, the team will review your details and if they believe you’re a good candidate for the role they’ll be in touch within a few days to arrange a telephone interview.

“Optical Express provides great opportunities for personal and professional development. It’s fair to say that I have never worked for a company which provides so much continued support with ongoing training”

This is a chance for us to learn more about your background and your motivation for your application. Of course, we also let you know more about what the role will entail, too. If the role is still of interest to you, and we’re happy that you’re a possible fit for the role, your details will be shared with the hiring manager to arrange a face to face interview.

The 2nd interview stage is more in depth. We’ll provide more details on the opportunity, and sometimes there are competency-based questions too. There will always be an opportunity to ask questions of us, and we may also give you a tour of the clinic or store in which the role will be based. Following the interview, we’ll provide you with feedback within a few days. If you’ve been successful, we’ll outline the next steps and we’ll carry out the part of our job we like best -presenting you with your offer, all the necessary paperwork and introduce you to the on-boarding process.

Optical Express provides great opportunities for personal and professional development. It’s fair to say that I have never worked for a company which provides so much continued support with ongoing training – it’s the ideal place in which to take your career in a whole new direction. For me, this is one of Optical Express’s real strengths.

Since I first joined Optical Express I’ve moved up the career ladder from Recruitment Executive to become a Team Leader, and it’s been fantastic. My team handles our retail business, Head Office and surgery recruitment. Thanks to the growth of the business, the recruitment department has more than doubled in size, and it’s been great to be a part of the ongoing development of the team.

Yes, the role can be challenging at times – the continued expansion of the business, and the fact that the landscape in the optical business is ever-changing means that we can carry a number of vacancies at any one time. However, I have the support of a fantastic team which makes the role much easier.

Since taking that career step up, I’ve never looked back. Optical Express has provided me with opportunities for personal and professional growth, and I’ve grown my skills and experience which allow me to lead my team.

I’d recommend Optical Express as an employer to any job seeker. If you are looking for a forward-thinking, innovative and fast-paced organisation which really invests in its employees, then Optical Express could be the right move for you.