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We love to welcome new #oneteam members

At Optical Express, we love to welcome new #oneteam members.

Our Optometrists are so important to us. We are delighted to offer them the opportunity to grow and develop their skills. Learning more about refractive optometry gives them the professional fulfilment they need. From the wonderful induction training that we provide to the exciting opportunity to obtain an Independent Prescribing qualification, we offer Optometrists development opportunities that they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

We’re excited to welcome new Optometrists to Optical Express every month. Our Optometrist Christopher Smith recently completed his training in our Glasgow Centre of Excellence. He said this about his experience so far:

“The past two weeks of training in Glasgow has been the most interesting two weeks I’ve had in Optometry since university. I feel like I’ve learned a tremendous amount and I’ve certainly developed as an Optometrist and improved my skill set. I’ve seen things this past fortnight that I’ve not seen in my previous 16-17 years of working as an Optometrist in high street practices.

The whole team have been great and it’s been a pleasure working alongside some incredible Optometrists whose knowledge of the subject has amazed and inspired me. Everyone was so helpful and more than happy to share their advice and experience with me.

I’ve had a fantastic experience in Glasgow. I’m looking forward to my journey with Optical Express.”

Every Optometrist who chooses to join us gets the opportunity to train in our state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence in Glasgow. With access to our innovative technology and training under our exceptional clinic team, why wouldn’t an Optometrist want to join Optical Express?

We have fabulous opportunities available across the UK and Ireland. Get in touch with our wonderful recruitment team to find out more on 01236 795146 or at