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My Wonderful Optical Express Journey So Far by Colin

Colin Rutherford - Optom

I’ve always had a focus on bettering my clinical skills. As an Optometrist, being able to help patients with all kinds of issues is incredibly important to me. That’s why I’ve worked in the emergency red eye LENS service in Lanarkshire in the past.

I also took the Independent Prescribing course at Glasgow Caledonian University, so that I could keep on learning. Now I’ve joined Optical Express, I’ve discovered that the company actually puts its Optometrists through the course if they want to. It covers the costs and supports them the whole way through, something I wish I’d known before!

What struck me most when I started at Optical Express was the variety of services that we’re able to offer our patients. Not only can I continue to treat emergency patients, perform eye tests and fit and check contact lenses, I now also have access to more innovative treatments such as Lipiflow for dry eyes, laser vision correction and lens replacement surgery.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to helping patients get the most out of their eyes, and Optical Express provided the training which allowed me to become a Senior Refractive Optometrist in May. I found it really stimulating and enjoyable. I’m enjoying carrying out consultations for laser eye surgery and natural lens replacement, and I also deal with post-operative aftercare management. That allows me to manage the patient’s healing process with a variety of medications.

One of the most impressive things about working for Optical Express is the network of support within the company. I work alongside colleagues with vast experience in the refractive sector, and by talking to them I feel like I learn something new every day. The clinical support and feedback structure is also fantastic. I love having direct access to second opinions and management advice from both the clinical services team and surgeons.

The equipment in the clinics at Optical Express is state of the art. The iDesign scans, pentacams, latest IOL masters and OCT give me more information on my patients’ eyes than I’d be able to gather anywhere else.

I’ve found that Optical Express is continually evaluating its products, services and care. I believe that’s something that rubs off on the people who work here – there’s that desire to always do better, and that mirrors my own mindset.

And the recognition that the company gives is great, too. There’s an excellent bonus structure as well as weekly rewards and prizes.

I’m so glad I made the move to Optical Express. For the first time, I truly feel that I’m in a position to offer exactly the right solution to my patients and help them to find visual freedom in the way that’s right for them.

If you are interested in joining Optical Express and gaining access to our industry leading training, then contact our Recruitment team who’ll be happy to let you know what opportunities we have across the UK and what other development opportunities we can offer you. You can contact us at or 01236 795146.