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Independent Prescribing (IP) at Optical Express

Independent Prescribing at Optical Express

Professional development and patient care are central to life at Optical Express, so it’s no surprise to find that the company funds the IP qualification for its optometrists

Optometry as an industry is changing, and in the future the role of the optometrist will change too. It was with that in mind that Optical Express met with Glasgow Caledonian University with a view to creating an IP course solely for its optometrists in 2017.

Fast-forward 12 months, and it’s clear that those discussions have resulted in a course that’s successfully suiting the unique requirements of Optical Express. The IP course is primarily distance learning, with the optometrist required to attend a series of practical and theoretical days at the university. Made up of three modules, at the end of each the optometrist must pass an examination. Upon completion of the university course the optometrists then move on to undertake a clinical placement under the guidance of an ophthalmologist who’s listed on the GMC Specialist Register in Ophthalmology. These placements can take place in part or as a whole at an Optical Express treatment centre. Further to the placement, a College of Optometrists Examination is the final stage in the process, with the optometrist obtaining this higher level qualification.

All course fees and travel and accommodation costs are funded by Optical Express, which is committed to investing in its optometrists’ training and professional development in order to keep the company at the forefront of the industry.

Several cohorts are already at various stages of the course, which will help the business adapt to support the requirements of community shared-care and minor eye conditions programmes. Optical Express believes that in the years to come, community eye care will play a far greater role than it currently does today.

If you’re an optometrist who values professional development and prioritises patient care, then you can find out more about our training and development in the About Us section of this website.

Let’s leave the last words about IP from the optometrists who are already on the Optical Express IP course…

“The course is a great opportunity to further my knowledge and give me more in depth understanding of topics like glaucoma diagnosis and management. Once qualified, I’ll be able to provide a broader spectrum of care to patients confidently and quickly. I would highly recommend any optometrist to consider the IP course.”
Charlotte, Senior Refractive Optometrist, Liverpool

“The course is perfect for any optometrist who wants a more meaningful role. You do need to be very committed, but it really is worth it. Once I have my IP qualification, I won’t have to refer to anyone else when a patient has an eye condition or injury.”
Juneid, Senior Refractive Optometrist, Bolton

“Studying IP has been a fantastic opportunity to develop my career as an optometrist. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing the learning experience with 20 of my colleagues. Although the study does require a level of personal discipline, I’d have no hesitation in recommending IP training to other optometrists.”
Laura, Senior Refractive Optometrist, Newcastle