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My Wonderful Optical Express Journey So Far by Bhavik

February 2017 saw me take the first step on my Optical Express journey. I was looking for my next challenge and what can be more exciting than joining a company with unlimited possibilities?

I’m now a Specialist Refractive Optometrist and I work between two locations – Northampton and Milton Keynes. I feel lucky that Optical Express has offered me the flexibility I want, and my experience so far has been nothing short of inspiring.

When I began my training I’d been qualified for several years, yet I’d only carried out routine sight tests on patients, so entering the world of refractive felt pretty daunting. However, as time went on and I was learning more and more about it, I found that refractive surgery really was life-changing – both for our patients, and for me.

I’d say that my training programme couldn’t have been any better. My first month was spent working alongside a really exceptional Specialist Refractive Optometrist, and that made it much easier when I began doing refractive consultations and post-operative checks myself. Plenty of support and guidance was offered to me along the way.

I was absolutely delighted to be offered the support of Optometry Development Managers, Clinical Directors and the Clinical Services Team. It made an incredible difference as I moved further forward on my career journey with Optical Express.

I find my day to day working life here exhilarating – there’s no other word for it. I feel privileged to work alongside experienced Ophthalmologists, and it’s so rewarding. I’ve learned much more about prescribing for anterior eye conditions than I did studying the theory within my Doctorate and IP modules. I get to work with the most advanced technology, too, because of the continued investment by the company.

Perhaps best of all, I’m not just carrying out routine sight tests all day, every day because each appointment is different. I can be carrying out a refractive consultation with one patient and then carrying out a post-operative check on the next. My day is always varied and it’s such a change to leave the clinic each day feeling fulfilled with what I’ve achieved.

Like any job there are challenges, but these are more than compensated by a great company structure and amazing development opportunities. For an Optometrist, Optical Express should be the go-to place to work – you can progress to a Specialist Refractive Optometrist, an Optometry Development Manager or even a Clinical Director.

There are so many open doors here. It’s a business which is continuing to develop, and in my opinion there’s never been a better time to join Optical Express.

If you are interested in joining Optical Express and gaining access to our industry leading training, then contact our Recruitment team who’ll be happy to let you know what opportunities we have across the UK and what other development opportunities we can offer you. You can contact us at or 01236 795146.