100,000 Reasons to work at Optical Express

At Optical Express, patient care is at the top of our priority list – and that means we make sure that we have the best Optometrists in the industry in order to deliver the very best service.

Optical Express offers a wide range of clinical services and ophthalmic solutions, from routine eye examinations, to spectacles and contact lenses and onto laser eye surgery and Intraocular Lens (IOL) procedures. As part of our continual diversification across the ophthalmic industry, Lipiflow is available at Optical Express clinics and we also offer treatments for dry eye/MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction). Further, our career development pathway offers you the opportunity to develop your career in a way which advances your skills and recognises your potential.


We’ll make sure that your exposure to the very latest, state of the art clinical technology will be second to none. We’ve most recently partnered with Zeiss to buy new OCT’s/Specular Microscopes for our clinics as part of a £400 million investment. We also utilise market leading iDesign technology which thus far has allowed 99% of our patients to achieve 20/20 vision or better after opting for laser eye surgery.


5 Values

As the UK’s only complete eyecare provider, our patients and our people are the two vital elements which help our company succeed. Our values were put in place to reflect that.

By having guiding principles, we can forge strong relationships with our patients and continue to improve personally and as a business.


We act with integrity, transparency and honesty

Patient/Customer Focus

We focus on the individual, doing what is right for patients and customers

One Team

We work in an inclusive and collaborative way


We lead in the industry through the achievement of excellence

Delivering results

We are accountable, dynamic and innovative, adapting quickly to suit business, partnership and patient needs


Optical Express is committed to the promotion of a diverse workforce within the business. Central to our culture and values is the fair treatment of all our employees.

We believe that cultivating a diverse workforce is not only right but that it makes good business sense too. We have committed to helping all of our employees to develop their talents and skills to reach their full potential. All of our employees, without exception, will be treated with dignity and respect.

Training & Development

We believe that every employee at Optical Express should have the opportunity to reach their potential, so we invest heavily in the learning and development that lets you make the most of your talents.

From the comprehensive induction you’ll have during your first days with us to the continued personal development that will help you to make the most of your career, no matter what your role is and where you’re based you’ll discover that you have access to all the training you need to progress.