A day in the life of a Recruitment Specialist

day in the life of a Recruitment Specialist at Optical Express

Marc Crichton, Recruitment Specialist, People Team

Marc joined Optical Express 6 months ago, having worked in the recruitment industry for over 10 years. He says, “I had spent the last 4 years in clinical recruitment, so a move to Optical Express to take on an in house role with such a respected private healthcare company was perfect for me.”

His time so far at Optical Express has been all Marc hoped for, and more. “My team, and everyone across the business, have been incredibly supportive, so I settled in very quickly,” he smiles. “I enjoy getting to know our candidates and finding the best person for a particular role.

“I feel that I can make a real difference here. For example, if I have an idea to help streamline a process, or have a suggestion for an advert, senior management does listen and it can be implemented quickly if we decide to go ahead.”

His role sees Marc recruit team members for two regions in the optical retail division within the business. He explains, “I deal with practices in Scotland and the North East and South of England. Typically, I recruit Patient Advisors, Optical Advisors and Managers – everything apart from optometrist and surgical roles.”

Attracting the best talent is key, and Marc attends open evenings throughout the year which introduce Optical Express to potential new employees. He also sources potential candidates for roles on Linkedin and job boards. “However, one of the best ways to recruit is for your current employees to recommend their friends to the business,” he adds. “We have gained some great new people through our ongoing Refer a Friend programme.”

Marc deals with a high number of job applications each day. “Exactly how many I receive depends on the specific job advertised,” he says. “It can be more than 50 for one role, though!”

The candidates who are most suited to a particular role on paper will have an initial telephone interview with Marc. It allows him to gain more insight into their suitability for the role they have applied for. “On one occasion, a candidate I spoke to regarding an Optical Advisor role had the experience and knowledge that was much more suited to a Store Manager role I also had available.”

After conducting the telephone interviews, Marc lets the candidates know if they have progressed to the next stage or not. “It’s a good opportunity to provide them with feedback, but also for them to let us know what they think of the process we well as their view of the business.”

That next stage is a more formal interview with the relevant Regional or Store Manager, which Marc arranges. “Calling a successful candidate to offer them the role is easily the favourite part of my role,” he states. “Hearing how excited they are about their move to Optical Express is fantastic.”

Marc also responds to every person who has applied for the role. He says, “If applicants have taken the time to complete the online application form for a role at Optical Express, we’re very grateful for their interest. It’s only polite and professional for us to let them know what’s happening.”

Successful candidates will typically contact Marc for anything they need, until a few days before they begin their new role. Then their Regional Manager will call them to welcome them to the business and become their new point of contact. In the meantime, Marc follows up on their contracts and checks their references. He’s also available to provide them with any information that they feel would help get their Optical Express career off to a flying start.

Asked what he likes most about his job, Marc responds, “I genuinely feel that I’m helping people to take the next step in their career, and that can make a huge difference to their whole life. There are so many opportunities to progress within Optical Express too. There’s nothing better than seeing colleagues I’ve recruited go on to even bigger and better things within the company.”

We’re always keen to speak to motivated individuals for the wide range of roles we offer at Optical Express. Search our current vacancies at Optical Express, or you can get in touch with our friendly recruitment team by emailing careers@opticalexpress.com or call 01236 795146.

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